Sunday, November 17, 2013

AKB48 sport festival

Yesterday was the AKB48 Mechaike Sport festival special. 
For those of you who aren't familiar with Mechaike: it's a show hosted by Takashi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe (but mostly Okamura) and they sometimes do these 2 hour specials and invite idols or other people. Morning Musume was in a few specials. AKB48 also was in a special show before where they had to do the end exam test to find out who was the baka out of them. Kawaei Rina was the worst, so she centered the BKA48 song ''Haste to Waste'' which is included in the single ''Sayonara Crawl''. Okamura also collaborated with them in the song ''Eien Yori Tsuzuku yo ni'' (inluded in ''Eien Pressure'') as OKL48. 
But enough of that now. The sport festival isn't about the most clever or stupid people. No, it is about the fittest and sportiest. But more interesting, it's about to find the worst out of them. 
The show was pretty interesting. You don't see your idols running and jumping that often, so it was funny to watch.
Let's see the final ranking first:

Of course, Oshima rocked the whole thing. Despite being in the ''old'' team, she had a perfect score and won in all categories!

She was the first in the running competition..

She delivered a perfect 100cm jump..

And she again was the first in the last running competition. She really was the best!!

Following closely, was of course Jurina. She also had a perfect score and was just slightly worse than Yuko.

She also won at running, but was slightly after Yuko in total.

She passed 100cm jump..

And she sadly finished after Yuko in the last running.. But she had a few interesting moments that I will talk about later.

Now the differences between the ranks get smaller. Sayanee still was very good.

She also won in the running match but was a bit slower than Yuko and Jurina.

Well, being a baka doesn't mean, you're also bad at sports. Rina was also pretty good!!

She won her running match too. This means, the top four all won a race!! xD

Yuihan was also pretty good.

She was the third fastest!

Miruki, Kitarie and Miichan all had pretty close rankinggs and all of them were still good. Not overwhelming but still in the better half.

Now begins the Kuso Kami7. Mayuyu actually has a pretty close rank to Miichan, but sadly that wasn't enough..

Paruru has exactly 50/100, so she has at least half of the points..

Annin, Haruna and Sasshi all have very close ranks and a big drop from Paruru.. They aren't good.. xP
So who is the worst??

Rena already fears it's her..

And then Yukirin gets called and we all know..

.. Rena is the worst..

Watching Animes doesn't make you any fitter, okay?? xD
Rena was REALLY bad!

She was the slowest!!

She was the only one to not even get  the 85cm and she even hurt the two cameramen!! Rena, you are bad!! xD

Well, as a punishment she has to wear the unchi (poop) hat..

Funny reactions there.. xD

She also has to dance with other poop.headed people..

.. and she has to run again and show the flag..

And she even stinks?? Poor Rena..

Well, we could all see that coming, right? Rena is known to be really bad at sports.
There were some other interesting moments in that show..
First off, how they walked in was really funny:

Red are the old ones.. Paruru is laughing.. and Mayu is like: You're kidding, right?

At the break the mascot was going wild and Mayuyu had to calm him down..

Well, she didn't have any succes..

And then she went REALLY wild.. Wow, rocker Mayuyu is back!!

The members liked what they saw!

Mayuyu fought against the guy and ran for her life.. xD

She then took one of these little cars and the guy went on top of it.. lol..

Oh and she drove into a building that exploded.. yeah...

Yukirin was shocked.. everyone was shocked..

But of course they survived and it was really cool! Yeah, it was scripted, but it was still interesting to see Mayuyu flip out like that..

At the sumo fighting (that I didn't mention before because it was somehow unnecessary..)..

Annin again talks about Miichan's scandal.. *sigh* when will they stop with that..

Miichan got really angry and won!!

Oh, and she had a little dance she always did, because she resembled a singer (I don't know who it was)..

Oh yeah, there were some various interesting Paruru moments. It was funny how she wanted a second chance.. And she was really happy when she won at the sumo fight..

Yuki's jumo was really weak!! xP

This is epic!!

Oh and after talking about Morning Musume a few times, ex-Momusu member Fujimoto Miki appeared. I wish they would have shown her more because she is still as funny as ever (mean.. but funny)..

The best moment was the fight between Sasshi and Jurina.. They looked really angry o.O
Sousenkyo 1st vs. Jaken 1st..

Oh, oh, oh.. this doesn't look good..

Wait.. Jurina doesn't look angry anymore..

Wait, are they going to KISS??

Oh my gosh.... :o :D

Kissing monster strikes again ;D
Awesome!! My oshi is the best!!

Nothing new for the audience.. Just Yuihan looks a bit annoyed..

Well, Jurina won in the end!!

But Sasshi had her revenge.. I guess she was also angry because Jurina kissed her..

Soooo, this episode was really good. It was funny and cool.
But I guess I should have reviewed it in the right order.. Well, now I don't want to change it.. I just won't do that again, because it is a bit confusing. xD
I really hope they will do a song again with this Kami7!! Rena center, doesn't this sound awesome?? ;)
And then inlude it in the Sakura single! *please*


  1. Jurina really kiss her out of love or friendship

  2. pleas give me link this video :)

      Here's the link for the first part of the show. You will find the rest on the right side-bar.
      Have fun :)

  3. I love your blog!
    I am big fan of Morning Musume, so I watched at first Morning Musume's baka test and sport festival. It's really funny to see now the same think with AKB48 (which I love too).
    Thank you for the link to this, becouse i couldn't find it before. I saw only "extra" video:
    here is link. I think, that maybe you'll like it :D.
    (sorry for my english, it;s easier to read, not to write :) )

    1. Oh, thank you very much. :D
      Yes, I love both groups and Mechaike is always so funny, haha.
      And thanks for the link, Ricchan in the beginning, OMG. :P She's the real baka!
      I've actually seen the Mikitty part before, she's so awesome. xD
      (No need to apologize, your English is fine to me. :) And it's true that it's soo much easier to read. English isn't my native language either..^^)

  4. Had Minegishi Minami not shorn her hair, the genius moment of this episode would never have happened. Her pixie cut draws comparison to Gouriki Ayame, who was way overexposed that summer—the wobbly dance comes from the MV for her debut single Tomodachi Yori Daiji na Hito but Okamura calls it Lunchpack after the CM's Gouriki did for a bunch of Yamazaki sandwiches.